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  • Sahibi: VAMPKILLER1
  • Kategori: Rol Yapılan Oyunlar
  • Üye Sayısı 20198 Üye
  • Aktif: 3 saat önce

What happens when vampires and slayers are put together? They fight, but who is stronger? They fall in love but will it last? Or will blood continue to stain the streets? But who's blood. . .

NewPost by GoddessJess on 04/19/2014 10:08:12pm
 Re: Zroen Beach
"Tris walked quietly along the beach, she had armed..."

  • Sahibi: JiggY
  • Kategori: Diğerleri
  • Üye Sayısı 12641 Üye
  • Aktif: 4 saat önce

This's group for looking badges ,sharing, apportion , help , generous , enjoy and everything of The Badges , have the feel free to talk about badges done to this turn.

NewPost by carnageLette on 04/19/2014 09:11:12pm
 Sticky: Re: +++Request UNIFY BADGES GROUP ,,,,HERE X(+++
"Can I please have the group badge? Thank you for t..."

  • Sahibi: FirstLookDeveloping
  • Kategori: Diğerleri
  • Üye Sayısı 1842 Üye
  • Aktif: 51 dakika önce

This is a GA group for contests, games, and advertising. We welcome any and all people who want to participate in a great environment and just have fun.

NewPost by Leekiki on 04/20/2014 12:22:25am
 Re: Active Members - 1000 credits for saying Hi an...
"Morning posted in numbers"

Group for the Dawning Developers Contest.

NewPost by SilkLavender on 04/19/2014 07:41:44pm
 Sticky: Re: April Main Challenge!
"Excellent work everyone!!"

we are the best of best_now hiring we are looking for models and creators and pic editors_

NewPost by Guest_UnKnOwNhuMAN80 on 04/19/2014 07:41:41pm
 Re: I want to be a Model Please :( Think about it...
"can i model ,what do i need in order to model for..."

  • Sahibi: Puma
  • Kategori: IMVU
  • Üye Sayısı 11435 Üye
  • Aktif: 7 saat önce

A group where you can find the best tutorials, where you can ask ANY questions and be given answers by pro devs, designing, codes, modeling or why not, just a awesome place to have fun ;)

NewPost by Main on 04/19/2014 05:29:58pm
 Sticky: Re: :: NEW PRODUCTS ::

  • Sahibi: JazzMood
  • Kategori: Bölgesel
  • Üye Sayısı 59728 Üye
  • Aktif: 8 saat önce

La Comunidad Latina. Ayuda y tema abierto para cubrir todas las necesidades e interrogantes de nuestros compañeros de habla hispana en IMVU. Temas de discusión y posteos, preferible sean en español.

NewPost by angelitha21 on 04/19/2014 04:53:57pm
 Sticky: Re: LA PARED!!!! Pase y deje mi SALUDO

Greetings everyone! I created this group because as a developer I had hard time gathering information I needed for developing! Here you will learn how to develop, step by step, with Gimp!

NewPost by AcesWild on 04/19/2014 02:49:11pm
 Sticky: Re: ~Show Off Your Work~Volume 5
"[center]´¯`.¸¸. Brand New..."

  • Sahibi: richbiatches
  • Kategori: Diğerleri
  • Üye Sayısı 1787 Üye
  • Aktif: 15 saat önce


NewPost by Guest_ammrcute on 04/19/2014 10:12:23am
 Re: Possible assistant
"im so sorry now im busy"

True Christianity is a gathering of christians from different countries, cultures and denominations. We believe in individual relationship with Jesus, and therefore will not judge others here!

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