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Welcome to Free Badges, the name says it all. Collect and trade badges here and make friends while you do it. AWPJ group.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 16265

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- 1st IMVU's Birthday
- 7th World Health Day

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toxish: of threads and it is something that is being worked on, but it takes time.

toxish: We keep the threads up so other people can find the badges as well. Yes I know there are tons...

RoseSilverwings: Be nice if ppl got their badges would delete their threads, I can't help when I am lost find...

Guest_PirateLuffyD: got my first badge yay! :3

Guest_abbyroselol: love the badges ty people

Guest_MissCookieHoney: Thanks to everyone who gives links to get badges, now i have 194 badges!!!So thank you very much...

CindySmart2: 2 on my HP come grab them ;)

Guest_XxShatteredxDreamsxX: I dont even have one badge. :(

XpinkstersX: My first badge woot!, Drop my my page and grab it :)

Guest_mixaelacvc: Badgeess!:D

Calypsio: If you want mod badges that aren't autogrant, you may need to make your own

XTranc3LegndX: Looking for MOD badges can anyone help me please "B)"

Guest_QueenWolf123: looking for emo badges

OmniBravo: Added a new badge on my home page:)

4ndr3ii: Hey 2 free badges on my home page come get them :)

Guest_sweetswaggagirl123: i love this XD

Guest_XOXOCutiePie5XOXO: Looking for Naruto/Itachi or anime badges :)

Guest_XOXOCutiePie5XOXO: Yo people. :) I am really happy with this group I love it so much people i meet and so much badge...

SunsuSin: Mystery Badge Mickey Skull~ One Joke~ Message Me X(

SunsuSin: 1 Badge @ [] X(