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Welcome to Free Badges, the name says it all. Collect and trade badges here and make friends while you do it. AWPJ group.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 18931

The Soapbox


Group Owners

Calypsio & Amortentia

Active Members

    The only RubenMoon Only one... The only Ragnarok ...only.. Silver Married Badge - AngelDelight91
    Pastel Goth
    Fine Support
    [NK] Neko badge [NK] Usagi badge Angels have no philosophy but love Traplord $$$-1 Traplord $$$-2
    Vanilla Ice Cream ^_^ Bad Chick
    ........ I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. ...Never Ends... :: GRACE ::
    Crown of Antlers Book of Mystery Totoro Jar Up at the stars...
    TuxT by Tristan and Dee girl Toxic Blue Letters D1 Toxic Blue Letters T1
    Wonderland Om Symbol. Manly Men save the pandas :) + Pentagram Rainbow4 Barbie
    blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:17:46 pio pioo. I Miss You Forever <3 I Am Loved A Kawaii Thank You Coloring Jar Pink
    Silky Letters - A Silky Letters - X Silky Letters  E Silky Letters  L Mordecai Rigby Limited Badge Payne Products Jake Badge Payne Products Finn Badge I just cant ..

The Badge Board


dadGoezDancing: hi all

NaturalSpirit: come and get em []

DarkCrimsonBlitz: can anyone please lead me in the right direction for fall or halloween badges?? thanks ppl :)

DamienAlexanderValke: Please pm me if you could point me in the right direction. Trying to help someone out.

DamienAlexanderValke: Hello I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction to be able to letter badges. Tha...

MrsGigglesONYX: I made 2 badges avail on hp elect prpl butterfly fibro warriors symble & kindred spirits

Guest_gingerayluya: hello (: P)

xDe4dLySiNx: Looking for small numbers.. any help???

TeeLee: [] tons of badges

SunsuSin: 1 Badge @ [] X(

Tysal: I Shot Cupid Badge On My Home Page

Fascinates: hais ^^ im lookin for anime, naruto, and couple anime badges, would love some help plz. thanks.

Katnis: NEW "Happy Halloween Pumpkin" FREE on my HP!! (: D

TenderLilly: new badge on my page,enjoy tc lilly

LunaDarkStar: TWO FREE BADGES! Not AP [] X( X(

xDe4dLySiNx: does anyone know where i can get a badge that says the word 'Infinity' ????

Feyanni: Who makes the best badges?

KingDavidHeart: Does Any Body Have Vampire Stickers and BiteMe

l3randiAuraSpartan: new pumpkin badge on my hp, please let me know of any other new halloween badges :) ty!

TeeLee: [] col skull badge