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Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 23960

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Active Members

    Dobby Deathly hallows always Snape Slytherin Prefect Certified PotterHead Sorting Hat + Sword of Gryffindor Always Freedom
    Little Teacup Cow Chicken Paramore! DG Glasses 1 DG Glasses 2 Hate Mondays...Love Sundaes! Where The Story Takes You
    m1h0 Completely HERS Breathe Deep and Let Go kawaii boy :3 Cherry Blossoms
    Black Square 48 Ace of Hearts Ace of Spades Ace of Diamonds "A" By ShahlaAhsan "K" By ShahlaAhsan "L" By ShahlaAhsan "R" By ShahlaAhsan "S" By ShahlaAhsan "Y" By ShahlaAhsan
    Dark Skull One God!
    Trans* Support Badge Markiplier xenomorph 01 xenomorph 02 xenomorph 03 xenomorph 04 Jon Arin Dan Ross
    Kokoro Reflections Super Mario Bros Super Smash Bros!!! Master Ball lolmuch? Aww. Navi the fairy! Markiplier Arin Dan
    Magic Fountain
     DEEPLY IN LOVE I love YOU Love Badge SandyBrigton* SandyBrigton** LOVE
    His Kitten Part 1 His Kitten Happily Married Kissed By The Moon
    Ribcage PVC Heart Replace Products. Shop Dashing Yin Yang Fiji Fiji2

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MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!! []

JokerzWylde: "Happy 4th of July" badge + more free badges on my page :)

Guest_iSentimente: [] has not a list with badges.

Guest_SweetBaby4lifex: The weeknd badge ?

STRANGERXIII: [] big list of badges !!

Constantineogs: Hey guys I joined yesterday how do I get any badges?

Gothabilly: x4 Badges for Autogrant on my Hp / plus 2 for sale in my catty Zombie/Psychobilly/Toxic/Green The...

Tysal: Autogrant Badges. One Animated On My Home Page

Minideceptionn: anyone know where to get summer themed badges help would be much appreciated thanks <3

ShatteringKat: Thank you for letting me join once I get this account upgraded I will be doing badges :o

TruHaven: hello all have a wonderful weekend !! thanks for having me .

CrisG3: Hey guys! Check out my profile! I have some cool stickers that you might like!

HeyBartender: 3 free badges Visit Here Cheers []

AmazonRenu: Welcome all newcomers, please check out the FAQ thread below. Lots of homepage links w badges the...

Guest_RavensBeFree: Haii,I'm a newbie to this group,thank you for having me ^-^

xB3AMYx: Thank you for allowing me to join! :)

JuliaHowland: Can I get some Badge it be nice to have some thank you

AdriannaLightning: I have 4 free badges :)

JokerzWylde: Winter and Summer Solstice badges on my page now. -Changing Holiday Badge- + MORE FREE ONES!!

Guest_fappoli: Any triangle badges?